Lost Pet – DUNCAN

DUNCANWatch: A few weeks ago, we posted an APB for Duncan, Janet Wakatsuki’s beloved pet rooster that was taken from his pen in Janet’s front yard by a couple of children.

Duncan has yet to be found, but Janet received a couple new leads that could lead to his return. A shopkeeper in Makawao actually witnessed Duncan being taken by the children, saw the vehicle the children jumped into, spoke to the driver of that vehicle (who claimed she needed the rooster to mate with her chickens in Haiku), and finally, took a photo of the vehicle as it left the area (see photo below).

Through her diligent research, Janet was able to identify the registered owner of the van as a David Chappell (no, not the comedian  ) with a Pukalani address. She went to the address but could not locate Mr. Chappell or the van.

The van is a White Ford Aerostar, License #MSY152. Janet thinks that the female driver of the van had no idea that the kids took the rooster from someone’s yard (thought the kids may have grabbed a wild rooster), so she has no ill feelings toward that person. She is not interested in pressing charges or making “huhu”…she just wants her pet rooster back, no questions asked.

If you know a David Chappell or recognize this van and know the current owner, please send us a private message so we can help get Duncan back to Janet’s ohana.

For those of you who commented on our original post saying, “What? It’s just a chicken!” We want you to know that Janet is the most persistent pet owner we’ve ever encountered here at MAUIWatch. The love she has for this rooster is unparalleled. Duncan is a trained member of her family and she is heartbroken without him.

Put on your Sherlock Holmes hats on gang and help us find Duncan! 



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