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Maui Small Business Week

Maui Small Business Week (Maui SBW) – First time ever!

The inaugural Maui Small Business Week takes place May 12 thru May 16 at the Makena Beach and Golf Resort. This is Maui County’s opportunity to network, grow small businesses, create 21st century jobs, drive innovation, and increase Hawaii’s global competitiveness. Educational workshops and seminars will be presented in morning and afternoon sessions each day. The presentations are no cost and without any sales pitch. We want to use education to strengthen Maui’s economy and future employment opportunities. Guest subject matter experts are graciously donating their time and sharing their knowledge with the Maui small business community.
Every year since 1963, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week, which recognizes the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. On the Friday May 16, a sponsored local party will culminate the close of the National Small Business Week and salute the hard working business owners. All attendees of any of the week’s Maui SBW sessions are encouraged to celebrate with us.

To increase event accessibility Maui Business Brainstormers (MBB) with the help of the Maui SBW special organizing team and supporters are arranging mass transit logistics to provide a custom schedule and routes.
For info and online RSVP visit:
For Maui SBW specific info and up-to-date details visit:
Twitter Handle: @MauiBizBrain – Hashtag: #MauiBizWeek
Anyone interested in attending any of the sessions must RSVP online. “We require an RSVP because we care about offering quality (despite not charging for the event.) The attendance numbers allow us to ensure proper capacity handling and ultimately provides the justification statistics to sponsors to continue having support to offer FREE educational events that help local individual, micro and small businesses grow stronger,” added Grace.
Preliminary topic list of Workshops and seminars:
1) Sell more by Selling Less
2) Curing the Start Over Blues
3) Thriving in Low Season
4) Pricing Right
5) Care Taking the Land, Sky and Sea (title to be refined)
6) Hawaiian Values and Business Perspectives (title to be refined)
7) Supercharge Your Online Marketing
8) Managing Conflict to Resolution
9) Closing Party (Teena Rasmussen, Director of Maui County Office of Economic Development, will provide opening remarks)

Since 2012, Maui Business Brainstormers (MBB) has been creating a landscape of opportunity to Maui individual, micro and small businesses. MBB is a non-profit and has been building its reputation based on providing business educational events and opportunities, at no cost and with no sales pitches. Speakers donate their time and knowledge freely and attendees have recognized the educational value and integrity.
The MBB has grown 100 fold, from 6 members to almost 600 in a little over 2 years. MBB has been filling an unmet need in Maui County for no cost business education and networking opportunities. This has been made possible through the personal sacrifices of organizers and the generous sponsorship of already successful businesses. MBB cares about event quality, and that its community is provided with knowledge to apply to their business in order to grow and prosper.

And this year, MBB is bringing the Small Business Week to Maui, a first time event on Maui. Volunteer organizers have been working on the program for months and lined up an impressive list of high quality guest speakers. The momentum of planning and preparation continues to build, attracting attention and collaboration with local government and private organizations to play a part in making this historical Small Business Week happen.
“This Small Business Week is much more about Maui and Hawai’i than about MBB,” says MBB volunteer organizer Grace Fung.
Who is sponsoring and supporting Maui SBW?
Maui County Business Resource Center (MCBRC) and Mayor’s Office of Economic Development confirmed Maui County’s sponsorship recently.

Other sponsoring organizations that have already provided or confirmed support to this historical week with in-kind or monetary sponsorship are: Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce (MNHCoC), Tri-Isle Resource C & D, HI SBDC, MEO Inc, A Big Wow, Alaska Airlines, Constant Contact, Makena Beach and Golf Resort, Organize Your Life, A Maui Blog, Harrison Tsai Industries, Small Business Solutions/EdVenture at UH Maui College.
However, “We still need more monetary sponsorship and MBB will continue knocking on doors…” says MBB volunteer organizer Grace Fung.
Why not charge the attendees, instead of knocking doors for sponsors?
We do not charge for the events because we are focused on individual, micro and small businesses that are resource constrained. These are the seeds, and seeds must be watered and nurtured. Those seeds that struggle and survive will become healthy plants, able to give back by providing employment, wealth generation and tax revenue. Once a business achieves success, it can afford to pay for expensive training and pay-for services outside help.

By supporting free small business educational events, Maui and Hawai’i will have a role in cultivating a vibrant and sustainable economy and lifestyle.



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