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Cold Turkey For Thanksgiving?

Don’t be late in thawing your turkey, here are some tips for you to be on time this year.

There are methods for safely thawing a frozen turkey, but the safest and most foolproof is in the refrigerator.

To thaw in the refrigerator, you need to allow approximately 24 hours for every four to five pounds of bird weight.

Place the turkey, still in its plastic wrapping, on a shallow baking pan and let it sit in the refrigerator the time it needs to thaw out completely. Make sure your refrigerator temperature is 40 F. You can easily check refrigerator temperature with a thermometer made especially for the job. You can find them in most kitchen gadget departments and restaurant supply stores.

Start thawing your 20 pound turkey this Saturday.

To thaw the turkey a bit faster, it can be done in a sink full of cold water, still in its original wrapping. The water needs to be changed every 30 minutes and you need to allow at least 30 minutes per pound of bird weight.

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