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Brunch is always a good idea! That hour or two between breakfast and lunch when you can’t decide if you want pancakes or a plate lunch… I discovered a new spot that opened four months ago in Wailuku.

B&S Vanta Coffee Hut is the creation of Uncle Sam and Uncle Billy. Both are originally from Korea, but met in Alaska. The two friends coincidentally moved to Hawaii and now call Maui home.

The menu consists of local comfort foods, breakfast items, fresh smoothies, espresso coffees and burgers all at reasonable prices.

Here’s a look at what we tried:

Biscuit & Gravy (side order) $5.95. Creamy, savory gravy accompanied with light and fluffy biscuits, this feels like homemade comfort food. Good flavors and the perfect amount of seasoning. I enjoyed the small touches of cayenne pepper and sprinkles of dill which added a little herbal essence and slight kick to the palate. They also offer this as a breakfast plate with bacon, sausage and eggs for $10.95
Hamburger Steak $9.95. Noted as one of their specialty items, the hamburger steak plate comes atop two scoops of rice and another scoop on the side with macaroni salad. The gravy is a rich dark brown color, but full-bodied and well balanced. The hamburger steak is lightly seasoned and topped with mushrooms and onions. Great value, taste is spot on although the the mushrooms and onions were a bit undercooked to me.
Breakfast Special: Banana or Blueberry Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage Patty and 2 strips of bacon $9.95. Super large portions the pancakes are a bit on the heavier side and are stuffed with my choice of bananas and then drizzled with whipped cream. The bacon is thick and meaty and the sausage nicely cooked. I ordered my eggs scrambled and gobbled them all up then packed the remainder for take out. A hefty portion that is great value for the price and perfectly cooked.
Loco Moco $9.95, also served atop two scoops of rice and topped with the dark brown gravy the hamburger patty is complemented by the gravy and the perfectly cooked eggs. This is a good solid loco moco. The gravy is really dark but tastes great!

The adorable coffee shop is small and only seats 14 people. Uncle Sam is friendly, attentive and a true gem to chat with. Meanwhile, Uncle Billy is cooking in the back.

Vanta Cafe 291 Hookahi Street #103, Wailuku. (808) 797-0667.

Open: 6am-6pm Monday-Friday; 6am-2pm Saturday & Sunday.

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