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MauiWine Discontinues Free Wine Tasting After 40 Years

For the past 40 years, visitors at the Ulupalakua Ranch were treated to complimentary wine tastings at the former Tedeschi Winery and Vineyard, now known as MauiWine.

MauiWine recently acquired a new liquor license that permits the company to charge for the tastings, therefore ending the free offering.

The business now provides $10 tastings for five different wines from the its Pineapple, Rose Ranch, and Estate lines. MauiWine was unable to offer these wines under its previous model due to their high cost of production. Guests are now invited to taste and experience the wines grown 100 percent in Ulupalakua.

Providing free tastings is uncommon in the wine and spirit industry, according to MauiWine. The newly implemented fee will allow the winery to keep pace with industry standards and better satisfy guests’ expectations with longer and more substantial tastings.

“A quick glance at our fellow breweries and distilleries clearly illustrates the norm of receiving a monetary compensation for tastings,” said Joe Hegele, a MauiWine representative.

MauiWine also plans to improve their guests’ experience by creating more outdoor seating and restoring the History Room and the Old Jail with increased capital.

To show appreciation to the community for their years of support, MauiWine sponsors and donates wines to local fundraisers, galas, auctions and more.

“We look forward to the continuing support as MauiWine’s offerings are finally up to pace with the rest of the wine and spirits industry,” Hegele said. “It’s important to remember that MauiWine is not just a tasting room – it’s in the farming, manufacturing, retail and hospitality industries so as our offerings grow, it allows MauiWine to grow which in turns allows us to hire more employees and support our local economy.”

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