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UPDATE: Wailuku Heights estate seeks expansion of commercial operations

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Lona Ridge is on the agenda at the Maui County Council Land Use Committee. The controversial application by Lona Ridge Inc. to expand commercial uses at the five-acre estate above Wailuku Heights has finally landed at the County Council.

UPDATE: The site visit to Lona Ridge above Wailuku Heights scheduled for Tuesday, July 18 was canceled due to lack of a quorum of the County Council Land Use Committee.

The Wednesday, July 19 hearing related to permits allowing increased commercial use of the property is still on the agenda (LU-23). The matter will be heard in Council Chambers on Wednesday beginning at 9 a.m. The meeting is open to the public and public testimony will be received.

The site visit is scheduled for Tuesday, July 18 at 1:30 pm at the property located at 588 Kulaiwi Dr.

The next day, Wednesday, July 19 at 9 am the matter (LU 23) will be heard by the Council’s Land Use Committee in council chambers. Both meetings are open to the public. Public testimony will be heard on Wednesday. MAUIWatch will cover both events.

Lona Ridge is presently a luxury residence with some subsidiary farm uses owned by Leona Rocha Wilson. It currently conducts some “farm” tours and hosts a variety of community groups on the site. The property proposes to expand its commercial operations to include weddings, special events, and other income generating activities. //

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