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MFD Cautions Residents of Smoke Alarm Scam

The Department of Fire & Public Safety has issued a public alert about a phone scam and potential door-to-door fraud scheme targeting residents in the Upcountry area.

According to the department, in recent weeks, an individual or group claiming to be from the Maui Fire Department is calling residents in the Kula and Pukalani areas offering a free home inspection of their smoke alarms. They are enticing residents by offering a free battery replacement in all their smoke alarms during the in-home visit. They are telling residents that they will be stopping by their home the next day, and not giving people the chance to decline.

So far, there have been no reports of individuals making door-to-door contact using this tactic, however, we want the public to be informed and prepared should these individuals come calling.

The fire department does not solicit any such initiative regarding free battery replacement of smoke alarms. Do not let anyone claiming to be from the Maui Fire Department into your home regarding smoke alarms unless you initiated contact with the fire department at the numbers published in the phone book, and you know we are

The Maui Fire Department does offer free smoke alarms with its Smoke Alarm Maui program (SAM), but residents must first contact the department’s Fire Prevention Bureau to fill out an application. The applicant must meet certain requirements to qualify for the free smoke alarm installation.

For more information on MFD’s SAM program visit, or call the Fire Prevention Bureau at, 876-4690.



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