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Mayor Arakawa throws “Bulls**t” grenades in Council Chambers

Mayor Alan Arakawa presided over the organizational meeting of the Maui County Council on Monday. After hearing hours of public testimony that started at 2pm, council members had a hard time getting past the very first agenda item- 17-1 “Electing Mike White as the Chair of the Council”. As deliberations continued past 10:30pm, an exchange between the Mayor and Councilmember …

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SHARKvember? Kayaker gets a shark “fly-by” in Kihei

Heard of SHARKtober? A kayaker got a shark “fly by” yesterday in Kihei. They say shark activity increases in the month of October. But sharks live in the ocean and you will continue to see them no matter what month it is. A video posted on Facebook by Glenn Sturhann‎ shows a shark spotted at Kihei Cove Park on Friday …

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Matisyahu Joins Local Paia Musician Singing His Song

Set to headline the annual MayJah RayJah concert at the Maui Arts and Culture Center (MACC), Jewish reggae singer- Matisyahu got to catch some beach time Friday (7/29) before the show. While enjoying the beautiful island of Maui, the artist walked into the Honolulu Coffee Company in Paia and noticed a local braddah jamming his song- One Day. At first, …

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VIDEO: Swap Meet thief didn’t get far with the help of others

At the April 30th Saturday Swap Meet, a man was caught trying to steal cash from a local Maui Swap Meet vendor but was caught by a couple of bystanders. Maui Police later showed up to arrest the individual. Warning: this video occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children). VC: Lyon Alizna Click here to download our …

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NOAA unmanned technologies center captures video of rare whale behavior off Maui

Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary today released rare video showing a humpback whale with its tail out of the water, seemingly catching the wind like a sail. The video was filmed during recent field operations conducted by the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries’ Collaborative Center for Unmanned Technologies. In the video, a humpback mother and calf are observed …

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VIDEO: Molokai Broncos fanatic featured on Colorado News Station

More than 3,000 miles from Denver, a former Colorado 9News Reporter Roger Wolf was vacationing on Molokai and found a die hard Broncos Fan, Michael Kahinu with what island residents call, “Broncos Headquarters”. Michael’s mother is from Colorado and he says he was born bleeding blue and orange. It’s clear who his Superbowl pick is this year. The Denver Broncos …

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