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EDITORIAL: Superferry frustration: Can this boat float?

Is the Return of the Superferry possible? Will the Protesters Strike Back? Two mariner unions organized a town hall meeting yesterday on Oahu to explore just that, THE RETURN. The conference was for both pro and con ferry, and an attempt to hear all sides of the debate and why.

The idea got back on everyone’s radar screens months ago when gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hanneman threw this political football down the hall as a spring board to his candidacy. Now, years after its demise, the thought of a return doesn’t sound at all like a bad idea now.

The road to success won’t be easy. The largest being the financial commitment needed just in capital cost alone. The two ships cost $180 million dollars, not including all the operating expenses. The return of the Superferry would create jobs but have we learned the lessons of the last controversy? I think we have.

According to a Star-Advertiser/Hawaii News Now – Hawaii Poll, 87% of voters think Hawaii needs an inter-island system, 11% said no, 2% said they weren’t sure.

We ship inter-island goods statewide, and we ferry passengers within Maui County. We just need that piece of paper that says we can. Choice and competition is what drives companies to do better. Residents, tourists, businesses and emergency response teams should no longer have to rely on slow barges and expensive flights. Let’s do it.

Discussion: Would you be in favor of a second attempt after all we went through with the last one?

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Neldon "AZD" Mamuad
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