‘Con3 Boys’ hoodlums allegedly break into Haiku Estate for a swim

Viral video circulated on Maui of Upcountry youth identified as Kaimana Mattos, Samson Bisutti, and Kawai Fernandez last night. With the recent string of documented vandalism and abuse on Maui, residents lit up the private message board direct to MAUIWatch to bring this to our attention. The boys boasted on a video posted to their own Facebook page documenting what he admits, “We just broke in to the nuts’s pool on Maui”. Anonymous sources say that these individuals live in Pukalani & Makawao and like to be called “Con3 boys”. It is unknown if a police report of the incident has been filed.

z dumb ass haiku kids2

*Warning: This video contains harsh language which may be inappropriate for some users.

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