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North-South Collector Road Opening/Public Invited to Run or Ride

Developers have completed their work on the North-South Collector Road in Kihei and will be ready to open the road up to motorists at 1 p.m. tomorrow, November 20th.

Prior to the road reopening however, the Department of Public Works and the Mayor’s Office, in cooperation with the Kihei Community Association and the Maui Bicycle League, would like to make the road available for a quick bike ride or run/walk opportunity at 11 a.m.

“This is a project the South Maui community has been asking about for years now, so it pleases me greatly that we can get this open before the holidays,” said Mayor Alan Arakawa. “There’s an avid group of bicycle enthusiasts in Kihei, so I think we will get a good crowd despite the quick announcement.”

“We know it’s a last minute event and that kids are in school, but we had so many people enjoy the recent Hansen Road event that they practically begged us to do the same thing for the North-South Collector Road,” said Public Works Director David Goode. “We could have waited until the weekend but the county in all good faith couldn’t see keeping a road closed that is ready to go, so this event is our compromise for the community. So hopefully whoever can make it, can come.”

The ride/run on the collector road will begin at the community park just past Moana Avenue, and will end at Keonekai Road. Parking at the park is limited so residents are urged to bike or walk to the starting area.

“Thanks to Public Works and the County for their efforts to make Maui more bike friendly,” said Saman Dias, Maui Bicycling League Chair. “This will be a fine event, and the fact that it is coming so soon after the Hansen Road event is wonderful. We look forward to more bicycling opportunities in the future. Mahalo again!”



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