UPDATE: Capsized vessel leaking fuel closes Hana Bay

On Sunday, May 08, 2016, Hana Police and firefighters responded to reports of a sailboat that ran aground in Hana Bay.

Hana firefighters arrived at Hana Beach Park at 3:25 p.m. and found the 51 foot sailboat, CEBADORA, washed up on the rocks at the bottom of Keawa Place.

The owner of the sailboat, a 35 year old man from British Columbia, Canada, arrived a short time later after hearing about the grounding. He was at a home on shore and said no one was onboard the sailboat while it was anchored offshore in Hana Bay. It’s unclear whether the sailboat broke free or dragged its anchor.

10 to 15 mph onshore winds and surf pounding the sailboat on the rocks, were beginning to break the hull apart. Firefighters assisted the owner in gathering the contents that were now washing ashore. There was about 100 gallons of diesel fuel onboard, which was apparently leaking from the hull. A strong odor of diesel fuel could be detected in the air.

Personnel from the Department of Land and Natural Resources has been notified and will coordinate salvage efforts with the owner.

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