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NERDWatch Episode 100 Part 1: Why So Serious?

In part one of this two part NERDWatch’s 100th episode celebration, the boys talk about the 1st annual #MauiComicCon,and then the conversation takes a darker turn as Todd takes a stand in defense of Suicide Squad against Professor Barry’s no star review of the movie. Finally, the NERDS give you a preview of what to expect in part 2, a little #NightDarlingCosplay.



About Greg "G Money" Turner

Greg "G Money" Turner
Greg "G-Money" Turner is the founder of NERDWatch. Editor, Podcaster, Movie Critic and WATCHCast Coordinator for MAUIWatch. Greg has over 10 years of broadcast experience with KPMW-FM and KJMD-FM where he co-hosted the widely popular "Big Phat Morning Show." Greg is an official member of the "Hawaii Film Critics Society." Greg is also a Fellow of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.

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