Top Performing Maui Teachers Win $1000 For Their Classrooms

First Row (L-R): Kathryn O’Connor, Angelina Tsuhako, Sharon Kakiuchi, State Superintendent Matayoshi, Carolyn Kaya, Shalayne Yamamoto, Szhameen Vasquez. Second Row: Taylissa Lehano, Eric Iwasaki, Stephanie Young, Brandon Arakawa
These teachers have done an outstanding job helping their students improve and grow significantly over the past three consecutive years, scoring a 61 or higher on their Median Growth Percentile Score.

The Growth Model examines and compares scores for each student who takes the Smarter Balanced Assessment. This comparison creates groups of students (Academic Peers) who have scored similarly to one another on previous administrations of the test. This academic peer group is comprised of students from across the state, not just students in a particular class or even at a particular school.

While proficiency is commonly used to measure how well students are learning, “student growth” gives a more comprehensive picture of how students are progressing. When students receive a growth score, it shows how much that student improved in the past year compared to their peer group (the students who had scores similar to theirs the previous year). A student growth score of 60 indicates that a student improved more (scored higher) than 60 percent of their academic peer group.

Teachers also receive a growth score. The growth score assigned to a teacher is called a Median Growth Percentile Score (MGP) and comes from the individual student scores from their class. The median score is used rather than an average score of the class as extremely low or high scores can skew averages. Our teachers strive to have an MGP of 50 or higher.

These top teachers received $1000 each for their classrooms:

Lihikai School: Szhameen Vasquez, Shalayne Yamamoto,
Kula School: Sharon Kakiuchi
Kihei: Angelina Tsuhako, Taylissa Lehano
Pomaikai: Stephanie Young
Waihee: Carolyn Kaya
Kahului: Brandon Arakawa
Lokelani Intermediate: Kathryn O’Connor
Kalama Intermediate: Eric Iwasaki

This Teacher Spotlight feature is brought to you by a partnership between the State Department of Education and the MAUIWatch Community Network.

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