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Coastal flooding anticipated in conjunction with high tides and incoming South Shore Surf

Coastal flooding is anticipated over the next several days along all shores of the Hawaiian Islands due to record level spring (King) tides. Similar to the April 28th through May 1st weekend, when the highest tides on record were reported for Honolulu. Impacts will include beach flooding and standing water on roadways and low-lying areas near the coast through the weekend.

A large summer south swell is expected to build on Friday and continue through the Memorial Day weekend, before steadily easing next week. Surf generated from this south swell will likely be advisory-level heights but will be exacerbated by the high tides resulting in additional beach run up, flooding and erosion.

The following are the daily high tide times for Lahaina and Kihei which will correspond to the maximum coastal impact:

Date Lahaina Kihei
  5/24 Wednesday  3:33 pm  4:07 pm
  5/25 Thursday  4:17 pm  4:51 pm
 *5/26 Friday  5:02 pm  5:36 pm
 *5/27 Saturday  5:49 pm  6:23 pm
 5/28 Sunday  6:38 pm  7:12 pm
 5/29 Monday  7:31 pm  8:05 pm

*peak water levels/surf expected at these times

The Hawai‘i Sea Grant is asking residents to help document high water levels and related impacts through Hawai‘i by submitting photos online. Please visit for more available resources and information on how to get involved.




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