UPDATE: MPD identifies woman involved in fatal drowning

The Maui Police Department has identified the body of a woman who was found floating in the waters off of Lahaina on May 26, 2017.  She was identified as 70 year old Mai Vu Tran of Lahaina. On May 30, 2017 an autopsy was performed on Mai Vu Tran.  The cause of death was drowning.

At 8:01 p.m. on Friday, May 26, 2017, firefighters and police officers were called for a missing 70-year-old Lahaina woman who did not return home after going to Baby Beach in Lahaina with two young children.

At 8:01 p.m., Lahaina firefighters met with family members at the public access to Baby Beach on Kai Pali Place. They were informed that the woman lives nearby and frequents the beach daily. The woman was last seen at the beach at around 5 p.m. with the woman’s grandchildren, a 3-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. The family called for help after the children returned home without their grandmother.

The woman’s personal items were found on the beach and emergency personnel conducted a thorough land search of the beach and surrounding neighborhood with no results. Firefighters then entered the ocean with a kayak and rescue board and performed a search of near shore waters where ocean currents were indicating a drift towards the south.

At 9:21 p.m., the woman was found floating unresponsive about 150 yards offshore and around several hundred yards south of Baby Beach where she was last seen. Firefighters pulled the woman onto the kayak and brought her back to the beach, where paramedics assessed the woman and pronounced her dead at the scene at 9:47 p.m.

A West Maui battalion chief and Lahaina engine and ladder crew responded to the incident.

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