Maui Electric donates to programs supporting Moloka’i youth

Maui Electric president, Sharon Suzuki (center) presented Moloka’i Elementary School students, staff and faculty with a $2,100 donation for its 2018 Science Olympiad.

Maui Electric Company recently presented two Moloka‘i community organizations with monetary donations to support the island’s youth. The funds are donated from Maui Electric’s Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation.

Moloka’i Child Abuse Prevention Pathways (MCAPP) received a $5,000 donation last month to support prevention education for students both at primary and secondary levels to help them develop the skills to recognize and respond to sexually abusive behavior and get help if victimized. MCAPP will use the funds for age-appropriate survey tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their program.

Maui Electric’s Sharon Suzuki (right) presented Molokai Child Abuse Prevention Pathways Program with a $5,000 donation for its prevention program. Pictured: Michael Thomas (Moloka’i Transmission & Distribution Supervisor, Maui Electric), Paula Morelli, PhD (CF Hawaii Program Director), Sharon Suzuki (president, Maui Electric)

“Moloka’i Child Abuse Prevention Pathways (MCAPP) is sincerely grateful for Maui Electric’s Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation’s (HEICF) commitment and support of our work to end child and family sexual violence in Moloka’i,” said Paula Morelli, PhD, CF Hawaii program director for MCAPP. “HEICF’s grant of $5,000 is critical to continuing this necessary, critical effort.”

Maui Electric Company also presented the Department of Education – Moloka‘i Complex with a $2,100 donation to support their 2018 Moloka’i Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO). The Olympiad is a series of events designed for students in grades 3-6 that focus on improving their knowledge base through hands-on activities that encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, self-regulated learning and teamwork. The Moloka‘i Complex will be using the funds to cover registration fees and to purchase materials for six of the 20 events planned next year.

“Students learn more when engaging in science activities rather than hearing or reading about science,” said Heidi Jenkins, Moloka’i Science Olympiad Director. “The HEICF grant supports this pedagogy by funding materials and supplies that enable our students to get ‘hands on’ with science, technology, engineering and math while participating in Science Olympiad events.”

“Maui Electric is committed to serving our communities on Moloka‘i, Maui and Lāna‘i,” said Sharon Suzuki, president of Maui Electric. “We’re proud to support programs that help to meet critical needs for the youth of Moloka’i.”

MCAPP’s curriculum teaches youth to recognize signs of sexually abusive behavior, understand where and how to access help, respect others’ personal boundaries and avoid behaving in sexually abusive ways, assert boundaries to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of sexual violence, and advocate for respectful relationships.

The Moloka’i Elementary Science Olympiad is designed to motivate and excite students about STEM and encourage them to pursue these areas in future coursework and career choices. The teamwork involved in the various events and friendly competition across schools in the district afford students the opportunity to learn how to network with others, communicate effectively.



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