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A ‘Barrier’ to Prevent Getting Sick

There’s no doubt this flu season has been the worst since the 2009 H1N1 epidemic. With more deaths and hospitalizations reported this year compared to last, and the CDC confirming this is the first time in 15 years all the states in America have widespread flu activity, it’s important to take note of prevention tactics.

Medical officials recommend simple steps like frequently washing your hands, covering your mouth and nose when sneezing and the flu vaccine. Another avenue to consider has already taken off in Asian countries for decades – wearing a face mask. A surgical mask, or any other mask, is one way to prevent airborne illness from being transmitted between people. Infact, if worn properly can potentially reduce the chance of spreading infection by 80% and for those who travel often 20% of people can expect to get sick after arriving at their destination.

Two Maui women came up with a product that is aimed at supporting good health while incorporating something that is stylish and easy to wear while on the go, or traveling. Molly Palmer, a nurse practitioner, and Danielle Travis, an entrepreneur, came up with what they call The Barrier Method: A Travel Mask Company. The mask (which doubles as a scarf) is an environmentally friendly, anti-bacterial fabric enhanced with organic essential oils. The mask itself snaps easily onto the scarf, you place the elastic straps behind your ears and it’s ready to wear. Thereby protecting you and others from sickness.

The pair launched and exceeded their Kickstarter, which ran from December – January and accumulated the backing of 113 people to raise more than $20,000 to initiate their eCommerce site featuring an infinity scarf, liner and neck cuff.
The store is here:

At a time when you want to prevent yourself from getting sick, and want to look stylish too, this is a great idea. Here’s their mission:

1)  Reduce a traveler’s risk of contracting or transmitting illness on a plane, train, bus, or subway.

2)  De-stigmatize the traditional white medical mask by replacing it with color and style to elicit curiosity and smiles from other travelers.

3)  Create a comfortable and stress-free travel experience.

And here’s a hyper lapse of my first time trying it on:

Overall, I liked the way it felt. It was soft, cool and lightweight. The essential oils are a nice touch that is also soothing. I liked that it was comfortable and somewhat stylish. I am used to traveling a lot and have used face masks before while sick and the warm air feels relieving and calming.

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