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Na Hale O Maui Places 35th Family in Affordable Home

Jonathan Kusunoki and his wife Joanna Kusunoki met in high school. They fell in love and began their life’s journey together. On Monday, after much effort and planning they are the owners of a Na Hale O Maui community land trust 4-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home that will remain affordable in perpetuity.

What does it feel like to have your own home? “It means the world to us,” said Jonathan Kusunoki.

According to Jonathan, all the kids love their new home.

“Our oldest son can’t wait until we allow him to walk to and from school while our one and only daughter is in love with having her very own bedroom”.

The Kusunoki’s were met by skepticism from friends who said that being able to get an affordable NHOM home at a significantly reduced price that was well below the market price sounded too good to be true. Now their friends are interested in seeing how they can become part of the NHOM community of homeowners.

To become eligible for a NHOM home the Kusunoki’s went through the NHOM 4-Step program that included an orientation seminar and the additional steps one needed to take to become a qualified NHOM homebuyer. They followed the program, were qualified for a loan and were eventually selected to purchase a home.

“Patience was definitely a virtue but it sure paid off,” said Joanna Kusunoki. “Our home is in a very family friendly neighborhood and our children didn’t need to switch schools.  It’s everything we ever wanted in our first home and then some.  Price, size, location, everything is so perfect for our family.”

The mission of NHOM is to secure and preserve a permanent supply of affordable housing alternatives for low and moderate income households in Maui County.  NHOM is Hawaii’s first community land trust, a nonprofit organization helping to create affordable housing and “Changing Lives, One Home at a Time.”

For more information, including the steps to qualify for a NHOM home, click here.



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