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Community Viewpoint: $81.1M – Wailuku Civic Hub Biggest Number in the CIP Budget

The Wailuku Civic Hub is the biggest number in next year’s CIP budget requesting $81.1 million. The total CIP for the year is almost $215 million to cover 117 different projects. The proposed amount for the Wailuku Civic Hub – garage and event venue – is almost 38% of all CIP funds countywide next year!

It’s six and a half times bigger than what is being asking to be spent on all Upcountry water source, transmission and storage budgeted at $12,500,000.

It’s almost eight time larger than all improvements to West Maui Water – source transmission and storage budgeted at $10,350,000.

Its more than nine time bigger than all the money allocated for homeless and affordable housing planning and land acquisition at $9,000,000.

It’s almost twelve and a half time more than all we plan to spend for Kihei Wastewater reclamation budgeted at $6,500,000.

It’s sixteen times more than all the money we plan to allocate for countywide road improvements requesting $5,000,000 for pavement, resurfacing and preservation throughout the county.

Tell me honestly that we as a community want to put $81.1 million into this project. Is this our #1 priority?

Honestly, when the rest of Maui looks at these numbers and how they compare with what might be coming to them and their neighborhood they will be shocked. Maybe even angry.

In case these numbers make you suddenly curious about what other figures are in the CIP see for yourself here.

This 12 page pdf shows all the allocations proposed for all our CIP needs for next year. The Wailuku Civic Hub is at the bottom of page 3. (CBS-2789). Ask yourself is this really a good idea?

Look at this video and ask: Is this where you want your public money to go?

The council budget hearing for Central Maui is Wed, April 18, 2018 in council chambers beginning at 6 pm. The public is invited to testify on this an other budget items related to Central Maui.

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