Click-It-Or-Ticket Enforcement Campaign Begins

From May 14 to June 3, 2018, members of the Maui Police Department’s Traffic Section with assistance from patrol officers will be conducting a two week operation targeting seat belt violations as part of the national “Click-It-Or-Ticket” Campaign.    

The primary goal of the operation is to ensure the safety of all occupants of vehicles on our roadways in Maui County.  The use of seat belts and child safety seats has been proven to reduce injuries and deaths in motor vehicle collisions. 

During the two week campaign, officers will be issuing citations for operators and passengers who are not properly using their seat belts.  A seatbelt violation carries a fine of $102 per occupant not wearing their seatbelt and is issued to the operator.  All occupants ages 8 years and older are required to use a seatbelt in any position within the vehicle.  Children 0-3 years of age must be secured within a child restraint seat.  Children 4-7 years of age must be secured either in a child restraint or a booster seat.  A child restraint violation carries a mandatory court appearance.   

Citations will also be issued for pick-up truck restriction violations.  All seats within the cab of a pick-up truck shall be occupied prior to any person being allowed to sit in the bed of the truck. A pick-up truck restriction violation has a $72 fine.  No one 12 years of age and under are allowed to sit or ride in the bed of a pick-up truck at any time.  The penalty for having a child 12 years of age and under seated in the bed of a pick-up truck carries a $97 fine.



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