Kualapuu School Robotics Medals at Worlds

Kualapuu Elementary Schools Robotics Team competed at the 2018 VEX IQ Elementary World Championship on April 29 through May 1 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Three rookie teams competed in this year’s game called VEX IQ Ringmaster. The objective of the game was to collect blue, green or red rings from the field and place them on scoring posts – more points would be awarded for stacks of rings that were all the same color.

The competition, consisting of 400 teams from many countries, made it into the Guinness World Records as the largest robotics competition on the planet! It was divided into 5 divisions of 80 teams each – Apollo, Cassini, Chandra, Hubble, and Viking. Team 1037A – Felix Kehano and Kamau Pali competed in the Apollo Division, Team 1037B – Alice Alvarez and Chevy Bush competed in the Hubble Division, and Team 1037C – Shazen Bush and Anthony Naia Starkey competed in the Viking Division.

All three teams performed strongly in the qualification rounds, placing within the top 12 seeds and qualifying for their divisional finals, which consisted of the top 20 scorers. In those finals, Team 1037A along with their partners 77777K placed 5th in their division with a score of 168 points, 1037B with their partners 15B also placed 5th in their division with a score of 193 points. Finally, 1037C with team 10978B took the 3rd place trophy in their division with a score of 192 points. The winner of the Viking Division would go on to win the World Championship.

Maui County Friends and Family of Agriculture, Dow AgroSciences, Molokai Island Foundation, Makani Kai Airlines, Maui Electric Company, Ace Hardware Lahaina, Maui Economic Development Board, and all of our GoFundMe and Private Donors all sponsored the teams.



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