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Man Meets with Officers Who Saved His Life

On Thursday, March 14, Sheldon Biga met for the first time with the police officers who he credited with saving his life.

In August of 2018, Sheldon was involved in an industrial accident which caused him to become unresponsive. Officers Caleb Guarriello and Cesar Desamito were first on scene and were able to move Sheldon’s lifeless body to a safe location and immediately start CPR and apply an AED. The Medics and Fire Department arrived and took over life-saving measures.

It’s been many months since his accident and a lot of therapy but Sheldon has made an almost complete recovery from his life-threatening injuries. Sheldon and his wife Marie have credited the quick response of the police officers and other first responders with giving him this “miraculous” second chance on life.

On Monday, March 18, 2019, Sheldon was able to meet Emergency Services Dispatchers Tori Adolpho and Tracy Pellazar who took the 911 call on the day of the incident and dispatched the emergency responders to him.

Sheldon has no recollection of the event but wanted to meet all who were involved with saving him. It was also a tremendous gesture on the part of Sheldon and Marie as police and dispatchers as well as other first responders often do not get closure after responding to calls such as this. The outcome is often unknown to them as they are quickly sent to another call for service and are unable to follow-up.

It was a meeting that was appreciated by all!



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