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Public Safety Director Surveys MCCC Damage

Public Safety Director Nolan Espinda traveled to Maui today to survey the damage caused by the inmate disturbance at Maui Community Correctional Center last Monday.  He walked through the damaged modules with the Warden and staff as they explained recovery efforts.  He assured the staff that he will do everything in his power to restore their work places to full operational status.

“I saw first-hand today the difficult conditions staff have to work in.  I also saw an amazing transformation.  Modules that looked hurricane-ravaged one week ago are clean and orderly. There is still a lot of restoration to do and I told the Warden that we will get their work stations back to operating order,” said Public Safety Director Nolan Espinda.  “I am proud of the MCCC staff for coming together as a team to support each other during this difficult time and under less than optimal conditions.”

All MCCC staff are working extended hours to make sure the recovery and restoration process is expedited. 

Common areas in the units are clean but remain unusable until new security glass windows can be installed, damaged security doors are replaced, and new tables and chairs are put in for inmates to use.  All of these things have been ordered.

Individual toilets and sinks in some cells and tier showers were destroyed by the participating inmates on Monday.  Alternate unrestricted toilet access and restricted shower access is being provided for every inmate.  Vendors and contractors are conducting assessments and will provide estimates on restoration to fixtures, including sinks and toilets, in the cells.  

A restoration company was called in over the weekend to assess the fire and water damage and is expected to submit their estimate this week. Inmate phones that were destroyed were replaced and are operational.

Inmates have been afforded recreation, restricted to 3 cells at a time in 1-hour increments, to allow for out of cell time.  MCCC continues to staff an armed perimeter as a precaution, but since removing the 21 inmates who aggressively participated in Monday’s disturbance, the mood and overall atmosphere has calmed. 

Medical staff continue to circulate through the modules to make sure all inmates who request a consult are seen.

The disturbance remains under investigation but, based on the actions by some of the inmates, it has become clear that the motivation behind the disturbance and subsequent unrest appears to be dissatisfaction with conditions related to the extreme overcrowded conditions.



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