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Should Hawaii get rid of safety checks?

Should Hawaii get rid of safety checks?

According to one state lawmaker, they’re a waste of time.

“Nowadays when you take your car in for a safety check they barely check anything, they don’t really check if your car is actually safe to drive,” Senator Maile Shimabukuro said. 

Senator Maile Shimabukuro is asking the state to study how feasible it would be to eliminate vehicle safety inspections across the state.

Senator Shimabukuro says more than thirty states across the country have already gotten rid of their programs.    

Meanwhile the State Department of Transportation says inspections make certain that cars are insured, registered and safe on the road.  

Others argue that safety checks could become a liability for the State. 

“If there is an accident, a major accident where a lot of children get hurt, the state is liable because they authorize that dealer to do the safety check and didn’t do it right,” George Nitta of Nitta’s Auto Repair said. 

“Unfortunately there’s just not enough manpower out there to do all these safety checks because the mechanics are so busy so when you do take your car in they don’t have time to do a thorough check. There’s not enough people out there to enforce that its done thoroughly and so it ends up being a waste of everyone’s time,” Senator Shimabukuro said. 



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