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Fourth Annual Maui Landlord Summit set for July 24

The REALTORS Association of Maui, in partnership with the County of Maui and the Maui Homeless Alliance, is pleased to announce the Fourth Annual Maui Landlord Summit on Wednesday, July 24, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., at the Maui Beach Hotel in Kahului. Current and prospective landlords and property managers are invited to attend this free event designed to empower them to help address the urgent need for housing on Maui.

Finding safe and affordable housing is an increasingly difficult task for many low-income or homeless individuals and families on Maui. While many resources are available to assist such individuals, many still face the difficult task of finding a landlord who will approve their rental application. The Fourth Annual Maui Landlord Summit aims to demystify and destigmatize the support services utilized by many low-income and homeless individuals in our community while educating landlords and property managers on programs and services that are available to them as well.

Underwritten by the REALTORS Association of Maui and the National Association of REALTORS, the Fourth Annual Maui Landlord Summit will be hosted by Councilmember Mike Molina, and feature presentations from the Office of the Mayor, the State Homeless Coordinator, the Maui Homeless Alliance, and the County of Maui Director of Housing & Human Concerns. The Summit will also include a panel discussion on landlord and tenant rights featuring local attorneys, as well as a panel discussion featuring landlords and tenants addressing common housing concerns. Moreover, RAM will be presenting the 2019 Landlord of the Year Award.

“The first rung on the affordable housing ladder is affordable rentals,” said Jason Economou, Government Affairs Director for the REALTORS Association of Maui. “As advocates for housing, the REALTORS Association of Maui believes it is our duty to try and increase the number of affordable rentals available to the most vulnerable members of our society. By inviting landlords to this free event, and providing them with the opportunity to meet with organizations committed to helping tenants, we hope to inspire at least some of these landlords to make their properties available to those whom they might otherwise overlook. We want to show landlords that low-income and homeless individuals can be worthwhile tenants and that many of them have the support of some truly exceptional organizations behind them.”

Participants in this year’s Maui Landlord Summit will include the REALTORS Association of Maui, the Office of the Governor, Office of the Mayor, Maui County Department of Housing and Human Concerns, Maui Homeless Alliance, Legal Aid Society, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Centers, Family Life Center, Catholic Charities of Hawaii, Steadfast Housing, Mental Health Kokua, Women Helping Women, and Maui Economic Opportunity, Inc.
All property owners or representatives of property owners are encouraged to attend this year’s Maui Landlord Summit. There is no cost to attend; advanced registration is required and the deadline to register is Monday, July 12th. A buffet lunch is included in the event. Register online at by searching for ‘2019 Maui Landlord Summit’ or call 270-7805.



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