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Lost Hiker Found in Kaupo

Last night at 7:35 pm, Maui firefighters were called to the area of Kaupo Gap for reports of a lost hiker. Engine 13 (Kula), and Rescue 10 were dispatched.

The hiker apparently started her hike at approximately 9:30 am at the Haleakala Crater, and stayed on a trail that leads out of the Kaupo Gap. As darkness began to fall, she became disoriented and called 911 for help. Firefighters gathered information relayed by cell phone, signaling from the hiker’s flashlight, as well as gps coordinates via central dispatch to locate the hiker. As the victim’s location was a substantial distance above Piilani Highway, fire crews utilized a four wheel drive utility vehicle and ATV to gain access and extricate. A Kaupo Ranch manager assisted crews by leading them up the rough trails in darkness to reach the victim. She was brought down by fire personnel to Piilani Highway at approximately 1:00 am this morning where a friend was awaiting her arrival.

The hiker is described as a female visitor in her 20’s from Germany. She required no medical attention.

The Maui Fire Department would like to invite both Maui residents and visitors to review some recommended precautions to take while enjoying Maui’s natural beauty while hiking. Please visit this information at the address here:



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