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Waikapu, Kehalani Mauka, & Wailuku Heights Customers Asked to Conserve Water

Effective immediately, the Department of Water Supply is asking all consumers in the Waikapu, Kehalani Mauka (above Honoapiilani Highway), and Wailuku Heights areas to conserve water and to avoid any unnecessary water use until further notice.

The Department of Water Supply is experiencing an unidentified increased consumption in the Waikapu/Wailuku area and the Department of Water Supply would like to maintain adequate water tank levels to minimize service interruptions.  To help the Department of Water Supply minimize unnecessary water usage, your cooperation is needed by doing the following:

•        Water your lawn only when needed, reduce automatic irrigation time, water when the sun is down to avoid evaporation

•        Turn off the water faucet when washing dishes, brushing your teeth, or shaving

•        Shorten the time when you shower or only partially filling tub for baths

•        Wash clothes using full wash loads and proper settings

•        Wash the car using a bucket or taking car to the car wash. Most of the car washes on Maui are fitted with recirculating water

•        Check in and around homes for leaks

The Department of Water Supply is diligently working to identify the source of the problem and resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Please call the 24-hour hotline at 270-7633 if a water-related problem occurs or if there are any questions.



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