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Good Eats: Isana Restaurant

Serving the “freshest fish” on Maui, Isana is a sushi, seafood and local favorites restaurant and bar specializing in island caught fish. Fisherman owned and complete with late night karaoke, specialty sushi bar and comfortable seating located on the outskirts of Kihei, Isana is a welcome addition to the dining options on Maui. Often times when you’re seeking something to quench your thirst or to fill your hungry stomach Isana does the trick.

Sushi offerings are expertly crafted and offer the freshest seafood accompaniments.

The sushi offerings are both classic and uniquely contemporary. Traditional favorites abound while modern twists offer a mix of flavors and textures. Portion sizes are generous and each cut of fish paired with premium sushi rice is expertly crafted. The offerings include: Classic Sushi Rolls, “Big” Rolls (perfect for sharing), Nigiri, Handrolls, Hosomaki Rolls and Deluxe Veggie Rolls. There’s something for any appetite.

Chicken Wings were perfectly cooked and elegantly crispy.

Local island comfort foods like Agedashi Tofu, Ramen, (famous) Oxtail Soup and Miso Teriyaki Salmon offer elevated offerings similar to what you’d expect at your favorite uncle’s house but better. The Chicken Wings and Garlic Shrimp Noodles are outstanding. In addition to the family-friendly Pork Shogayaki and Korean-style Kalbi Ribs served as a complete meal with rice, macaroni salad and house sides.

Happy Hour is offered daily 3pm-5pm and on weekends 10pm-12am (Friday & Saturday) with complimentary karaoke. It’s I relief to find something for everyone here that is open past 9pm.

Craving the buttery Shrimp & Garlic Noodles with crunchy vegetables.

Promotional Considerations for Olena:
Accommodations provided by Maui Coast Hotel.
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