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A-Ron’s “Simply The Best!”: The Best Films Of 2019

Another year has come and gone, and it’s been another year of great films. I’ve seen all the films I could have so here is my list of Best Films Of 2019. Below is my list of the top 10 films, below the list you will find my honorable mentions (runner ups 11-20) listed at the bottom. I hope you have seen most if not all of these films and if you haven’t then please seek them out.

10. The King

Netflix has done it again and proves they are a studio not to be messed with. The streaming service has made a stellar grand production of director David Michôd’s “The King”. A terrifically thrilling, historical drama done on a grand scale. While it cries out to be seen on the big screen, it is one of the best examples of the genre. Led by an Oscar worthy performance by Timothée Chalamet, one of this generations greatest actors. Everything about “The King” is brilliant and just puts Netflix another step ahead of ruling 2019. 

9. Longshot

Here Is Something We Haven’t Gotten In Awhile. A Very Smartly Written And Laugh Out Loud Adult Romantic Comedy With Brilliant Gags. Charlize Theron is terrific, playing a role that is out of her wheelhouse. Seth Rogen is charming and this is the best performance and role he has ever been a part of. There’s comedy, romance and political commentary. I loved this movie. 

8. The Lighthouse

If there is any must see film this year, it’s writer & director Robert Eggers “The Lighthouse”. A dark and austere black & white hallucinatory nightmare. It truly is a must see big screen cinematic masterpiece. Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe give incredible show-stopping performances. Dafoe makes you question why he has never won an Oscar, while Robert Pattinson’s performance reminds you of a young Marlin Brando and deserves his first Oscar nomination. “The Lighthouse” is a spectacular piece of filmmaking on every level. See it on the big screen as you’ll be immersed and rewarded with one of the years absolute finest, most beautiful, maddening and haunting films of the year. 

7. The Public

Written, Directed, Produced & Starring Emilio Estevez. “The Public” Is A Career High As Estevez Gives Us One Of The Years Very Best Films. A Film So Passionate About It’s Cause, It’s A Movie That Matters & Makes A Great Conversation Starter. It’s A Rousing, Inspiring Story With Rich Characters. I’ve seen “The Public” over five times and each viewing, I fall in love with it all over again. 

6. The Current War: The Directors Cut

“The Current War” almost never saw the light of day, but thanks to legendary director Martin Scorsese. The film has been released in a rare director’s cut and earns it’s right to be the years most Oscar nominated film. Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and editors David Trachtenberg and Justin Krohn pace the film like a thriller and moves quicker than a flip of the light switch. 

5. Ford V Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari” hits 7,000 RPMS as this is a full throttle, old fashioned filmmaking at it’s finest. Director James Mangold does his finest work as a filmmaker, assembling one of the years best ensemble casts in one of the best movies made about auto racing. Choreographing some of the best action scenes on film, while keeping to an intriguing character development. Matt Damon and Christian Bale remind you, why these two were born with that movie star quality. A must see theater experience for both gear heads and non gear heads who love great cinema. It’s near perfect. 

4. The Aeronauts

Amazon gives Netflix serious competition with their newest production, the rousing and knuckle biting adventure film “The Aeronauts”. Part period biopic, part scientific adventure, part thriller, part survival tale and part feminist revision. Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne and Oscar nominee Felicity Jones reunite in director Tom Harper’s, Jules Verne inspired adventure; that feels like a lost Disney film from the sixties. Harper uses skillfully designed CGI to carefully sell the vastness of the sky and all the threats nature can contain, while creating suspense and spectacle filming in the tight confines of the balloon. Harper proves he is a master at filming in the “high skies” and giving you that sense of vertigo. “The Aeronauts” is a real thrill ride, that needs to be seen in a well equipped surround sound home theater system.

3. Marriage Story

Writer and director Noah Baumbach lays his life out on the screen literally (as it’s based on his real life divorce) and gives us a tale about love, marriage, divorce and parenthood. “Marriage Story” is a beautifully detailed story about the lives of it’s couple Charlie and Nicole, featuring masterclass Oscar worthy performances from Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. Baumbach is inspired by the works of Woody Allen, creating an intimate, raw, real and brilliant human drama. It features two of the best pieces of acting I’ve witnessed all year. 

2. Dark Waters

Mark Ruffalo stars as real life lawyer Robert Bilott, who is out to prove in a decades long battle, that DuPont have knowingly exposed millions of consumers to dangerous levels of toxins. “Dark Waters” is a prime example of a film that was made to win at the Oscars. It is one of the most riveting, thrilling, shocking and important motion pictures in quite sometime. You’ll emerge from it feeling paranoid, shocked, astounded at the depth the cover-up went and feeling anything but safe. “Dark Waters” is simply brilliant cinematic work. 

1. Rocketman

“Rocketman” Puts Last Years Queen Biopic In The Bargain Bin As It’s An Inventive & Exhilarating Achievement. A Brilliant Bigger Than Life Direction By Dexter Fletcher & A Star Making Performance That Will Find Taron Egerton In This Year’s Oscar Race. Everything about this movie’s production values, from the costuming to the editing to the production design is at it’s highest quality and the best this year has to offer. 

Honorable Mentions (11-20)




•JoJo Rabbit 


•The Farewell

•Motherless Brooklyn

•The Kitchen 

•The Man Who Killed Hitler & Then The Bigfoot

•The Goldfinch



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