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Maui Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Rise to 20

There have been 175 cases of COVID-19 identified in Hawaii. Of those cases, 7% have required hospitalization, and over 80% were residents returning from other areas. There have been no deaths.

CountyHI ResidentsNon-HI ResidentsTotal
  Hawaii8 (1)4 (1)12 (2)
  Honolulu110 (11)6 (0)116 (11)
  Kauai7 (1)5 (0)12 (1)
  Maui16 (4)4 (0)20 (4)
HI residents diagnosed outside of HI  2 (0)
Pending  13 (6)
Total Required Hospitalization: 12 (0)
Total Deaths: 0 (0)
Released from Isolation: 49 (10)

Update: As COVID-19 spreads globally and nationally, while the majority of cases identified in Hawaii have been introduced into our state by travelers, especially Hawaii residents, we all need to practice social distancing (i.e., maintaining at least 6 ft distance or 2 arm’s length from others) as well as other important infection prevention measures (e.g., wash hands, clean surfaces regularly) to prevent widespread community transmission. Social distancing can reduce the spread of disease, prevent our healthcare system from being overburdened, and protect the most vulnerable members in our community from infection.  If you get sick, please stay home—get rest and drink plenty of fluids. If you are older or have an underlying medical condition and become ill, call your doctor.

Anyone arriving in Hawaii is being placed under mandatory quarantine and must stay home and monitor their health for 14 days from the time they arrived.



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