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MPD: Moped Driver Suffers Injuries in Near Fatal Collision

Anthony Goodrich / MAUIWatch

A near fatal traffic collision took place on Wednesday shortly after 6:16 a.m.

Maui Police Department officials say the collision occurred on South Kihei Road at the intersection of a private road located at 2395 South Kihei Road in Kihei.  

Preliminary investigation reveals a 2008 SYM Moped bearing Hawaii moped plates M01623 was traveling North on South Kihei Road within a marked bicycle lane.  The moped operator was passing several vehicles on the right stopped in traffic.  The vehicles traveling North on South Kihei Road had stopped due to pedestrians crossing at the marked lighted crosswalk.  While vehicles were stopped on South Kihei Road, a Dodge Caravan bearing HI plates LKH-341 was making a left turn from a private roadway onto South Kihei Road. 

At this time, MPD officials say the preliminary investigation reveals that the operator of the Dodge Caravan had the right of way to execute a left turn.  The operator of the Dodge Caravan was executing a left turn when the moped operator crashed into the driver’s side of the dodge caravan. 

The moped operator, a 27-year-old male from Kihei sustained life threatening injuries because of this crash. The operator of the Dodge Caravan, a 68-eight-year-old male from Vancouver British Columbia was not injured.

The operator of the Dodge was utilizing his seat belt at the time of the collision. The moped operator was not wearing a helmet at the time of this crash.

The involvement of speed, drugs, and alcohol has not been determined as the investigation is still pending.

At the time of the writing, this crash is being classified as a near fatal crash. However, Maui County currently has two fatalities this year, as compared to seven at the same time last year.



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