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MCCC Sought After Leaving Premises Unauthorized

Extended furlough inmate Kainoa Kaoni came for his scheduled check-in at the Maui Community Correctional Center.  After meeting with his caseworker, he was asked to wait at the gatehouse, but he left without authorization. The Maui Police Department was notified.

The 24-year-old is described as 5-feet-11-inches and 200 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Kaoni is serving time for Theft 2, Burglary 1, Forgery, Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card, Unauthorized Possession of Confidential Personal Information, Attempted Burglary and Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle.   He now faces an additional escape charge when found.

If you see him, please call the Police at 911.

Extended furlough program inmates live and work outside of the facility but are required to check in with the facility throughout the month.



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