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MPD: No Arrests, 7 Citations at COVID-19 Roadblocks

On Saturday, a total of seven citations were issued during COVID-19 enforcement roadblocks throughout Maui County. No arrests were made. Those citations include:

1 – for Rules Amended HRS 127A-29

6 – for No Insurance Card HRS 286-116(a)

“We would like the community to know when you encounter a roadblock, please wait and follow the on-scene officers instructions,” Maui Police Department officials said in a Sunday morning release. “Be prepared to have your driver’s license, registration, and valid insurance. The wait may be long because there are a lot of people still on the road that should not be.”

The county remains under the Stay at Home order and travel should be for essential activities only.

MPD officials say that it was obvious that many people traveling on the road were not doing so for essential travel as defined by the Mayor’s proclamation.

“Officers are doing their job, and continue to educate the public,” MPD said. “We take the safety and well-being of the of community serious. Concerns over sanitary conditions that officers are handling multiple persons drivers’ licenses and other paperwork without changing gloves, was addressed by Officers utilizing sanitizer routinely and consistently. Officers also wear the recommended Personal Protective Equipment.”

Drivers should be prepared to hold your driver’s license, registration, and insurance in a manner so that the Police Officer and/or Guardsman can clearly see the name and expiration dates without touching your documents.



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