Gov. Signals Intent to Extend Quarantine on Transpacific Travel

Governor David Ige was joined by all four county mayors during Thursday’s Community Connection session to discuss the reopening of businesses and activities in the state and counties.

The leaders of the state answered public and media questions on what residents could expect in the coming weeks and months as Hawai‘i continues its fight against COVID-19.

Viewers asked where and when pools would reopen, when camping will be allowed, and wanted updates on summer programs, and more.

The mayors emphasized that their goal is to keep the community safe.

City and County of Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell pointed out, “there’s no playbook for this pandemic. It’s not like a tsunami where we go through this repeatedly. We are learning how to deal with it.”

They also stressed they’ve been talking to each other from the very beginning to share what they’re doing and looking at best practices. 

During the session, Gov. Ige mentioned that the 14-day quarantine would be extended for domestic and international travelers past June 30, but would make an official announcement at a later date.

Gov. Ige also mentioned that he and all four mayors have been working for the last three weeks to coordinate reopening interisland travel and said they would make a decision on that within the next few days.

Maui Mayor Mike Victorino said they’re still working out details and that there needs to be a “strong-checked” system whenever travelers leave their destination.



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