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Missing Autistic Boy Found Alive

PC: Benjamin N Shelly Togiola

At 2 a.m. on Sunday morning Klarisse Nobriga took to social media with a plea that no parent wants to make, her 5-year old son Kadyn was missing, and the worse of it was that she was not on the island.

Kayden, who has autism, had last been seen in the Kahakuloa area with his father.

Her post read:

“Maui friend &ohana pls help me my son is missing if you see him pls call authority. Please share Im not on island and all i got was a call saying his last location seem was kahakuloa. Please help me bring my baby home.”

Kalarisse’s social media post garnered over 700 shares on Facebook.

Hours later, Benjamin and Shelly Togiola announced that the boy had been found.

As Hurricane Douglas was fast approaching the island, Shelly tells MAUIWatch that Kayden was found in a gulch at 4930 Kahekili Highway at around 9:30 a.m.

5-year-old Kayden with his Grandmother (PC: Benjamin and Shelly Togiola)

They say that he was missing for about 13.5 hours when an unnamed person that joined the search heard his cries and found him.

Shelly said that they were the fourth on the scene and that her husband and grandfather were at the bottom of the cliff also searching for him.

PC: Benjamin and Shelly Togiola

Klarisse says that she is “still in shock” when MAUIWatch spoke to her Sunday morning and wishes that she could get on a plane to be with him.



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