HIDOE to recommend delaying students’ return to school

The Department of Education will recommend delaying students’ return to school until August 17, 2020, the Hawaii State Teachers Association confirms. 

Supt. Kishimoto issued the following statement on the proposed adjustment to the school start date for students:

“HIDOE leadership has been working with the unions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure our students get the education they deserve and our employees have a safe work environment. We have continued these conversations and reached a conditional agreement today to propose a delayed start for students to accommodate concerns regarding employee training.

Throughout our discussions, we were mindful that any adjustments to the calendar must focus on educating and supporting students. We also acknowledge the voice of our families, partners and employees who are not represented by the unions yet are impacted by this decision.

We will use this time to prepare at yet another level, but I recognize this comes at a cost for public school parents and our students. My expectation is that if the Board approves the two week delay, that our labor partners will do an aggressive push to their members to be at schoolhouse doors on day one for our students.”



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