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Maui Hotels Prepare to Reopen

With the restart of trans-pacific travel slated to commence on October 15th, Maui resorts, employees and families are eagerly awaiting heading back to work. While a few properties are already open, some resorts are positioning to officially open again on October 15th, meanwhile others are aiming for the following month and even standing by until December. One thing remains certain safety is the number one priority for all during this pandemic. 

“All partners have worked hard to put proper protocol in place to protect the employees and visitors alike. Every precaution has been taken and the employees have all been trained and ready to resume operations under new procedures,” Shelley Kekuna, Executive Director of the Kaanapali Beach Resort Association said. 

There’s no doubt Maui, and the entire state of Hawaii, has been hit hard by COVID, travel restrictions and the loss of tourist revenue to the islands. When asked about the decision to reopen promptly on October 15th Matt Bailey, general manager of Montage Kapalua Bay said “Very simply, by putting 200+ associates back to work and resuming the purchases of goods and services needed to run a luxury resort, the impact will be widely felt.  Additionally, the return of guests to Maui may encourage other businesses on Maui to open and stimulate the economy. Kapalua Bay is such a special place for our associates and guests and we all look forward to seeing our community safely thrive once again.”

Meanwhile the Kaanapali Beach Hotel will give it just a few more months to ease into the reopening phase as their target date to welcome back guests is December 1. ”We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming our long time guests back and showing them Kealaula (our renovation) progress. After a turbulent year, we hope our guests can refill their sense of aloha spirit during their stay at Kaanapali Beach Hotel. As we slowly and safely bring our valued employees back to work, they will begin to return to their normal lives.  Economically and mentally, this will benefit their Ohana and the Maui community,” John White, Director of Sales and Marketing said. 

Emotions have been running high for all who reside on Maui and work has been slow, nonexistent or in a state of flux. Some feel frustrated, angry, excited, apprehensive and concerned, but most everyone can agree that getting back to work, restarting the economy and supporting local families is most important. 

“There’s no question that, right now, our guests’ and employees’ biggest concern is safety. So we focused efforts on reimagining safer travel that will both help protect our guests and, ultimately, our employees as well. Our guests will enjoy the resort with the assurance that Four Seasons Maui has gone above and beyond,” Marc Bromley General Manager at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea said. 

Going above and beyond in the name of safety, comfort and a healthy environment position Maui resorts as an ideal destination to relax, get away and enjoy a much needed vacation or even staycation. Resorts that have implemented innovative and enhanced methods of cleanliness and safety protocols will likely make it even more inviting to visit the islands in addition to the sparkling beaches, pristine pacific ocean and unforgettable aloha spirit. 

*Please note as opportunities to allow travelers to return and hotels to reopen have been shifting and changing, these dates are also subject to change and protocols set by law makers will determine next steps. Currently, visiting Hawaii on or after october 15th requires pre-testing and various other safety requirements. Visitors who have tested negative for COVID are also required to socially distance and wear a mask which covers both the nose and mouth during their visit.

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