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The Theater Experience Goes Online

The doors of Maui’s acclaimed community theaters may remain shut, but it hasn’t stopped the passion and resilience of our local performing artists from finding a way to reach out to their audience. 

 In fact, despite the novel coronavirus making the live theater experience an impossibility at the moment, the line-up of upcoming shows from our local theaters is so stacked with talent and promise, it’s as though the show has not only gone on but has never ceased. 

As 2020 comes to a close, the Maui Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA), The Historical Iao Theater and ProArts Playhouse are providing innovative productions, all of which can be viewed online, offering devoted lovers of local performance art a striking variety of options.

A list of these unmissable shows (the titles are in italics) are below. Please take a look at the wide range of offers, click on the theater links and take a look at the online stage attractions of the season.


Save the Iao Theater

October 31st at 5pm

Live on Facebook, streaming 5pm (Hawaii time) from our favorite theater on Market Street. 

Among the talent featured is Jerry Eiting, Lia Krieg, Amy Hanaiali’i,

Francis Taua, Eric Gilliom, Ally Shore, Lin McEwan, Rueben Carrion, Marsi Smith and Phillip Kirchmann.

Tickets are available at


George Gusev: CelloDrive 

(music performance)

Chino LaForge: Back in the 808 

(stand-up comedy)

(Show runs from 11/05-12/04)

Creation: Improvisations on Latin Jazz, Aerial Arts and Dance 

(dance and music)

(Show runs from  11/12-12/11)

Vinnie Linares’ Damien 

(the 20th anniversary of his dramatic performance!!)

OMG, Remember When?! An Evening with Laura Cole

(comedic cabaret-style show)

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables: An Evening with Jerry Eiting

(musical performance of Broadway hits)

TubaCzar Maui: A Musical Comedy Revue (featuring Mark Beltzman)

(muscial comedy revue)

(all shows are filmed at the ProArts stage in Kihei with no audience)

Tickets are available at


Songs for a New World

Live streaming performances on Fri, Nov 6- Saturday, Nov. 7th at 7pm.

This uplifting musical is directed by theater wunderkind David C. Johnston, with musical direction by Robert E. Wills. The talent line-up includes Dylan Bode, Leighanna Locke, Danielle Mealani Delaunay and Calvin Orlando Smith.

Tickets are available at



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Barry Wurst II
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