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One Arrested at Paia Beach Drum Circle, Others Cited for Face Mask Violations

On Friday, January 15, 2021, Officers from the Maui Police Department, and Park Security Officers from the Department of Parks and Recreation, responded to a Paia beach park located off Hana Highway.

Numerous complaints were received via the [email protected] portal relaying that large “Drum Circle” gatherings, occurring at a Paia beach park, on Friday afternoons. Public health and safety concerns reported by concerned citizens reported that “Drum Circle” participants and observers were not wearing their face masks, not following social distancing, and the large group exceeded the allowable amount for outdoor social gatherings.

Upon arrival, officers observed a large group of approximately 60-80 people gathered around approximately 20 drummers, who had their face masks under their chins as they drummed. Upon recognizing that police were present the drummers covered their faces with their masks. Officers issued citations to individuals for Rules and Orders (face mask violation).

Christopher Stern (31), of Colorado, was observed by officers walking along the beach without his mask on. Upon contact, Stern refused to cooperate with officers and provided false information regarding his identity.

At about 6:20 p.m., Stern was arrested for Rules and Orders, pertaining to face mask violation. At this point, he cooperated and provided officers with his true identity. An additional charge of Unsworn Falsification To Authorities was added.

Stern was arrested and transported to the Wailuku Station for processing without incident. Stern posted bail which was set at $4,000.00 and given a date to appear in court.



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