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Jon Viloria

Jon Viloria is the Field Production Director at MAUIWatch. Jon works in collaboration with staff writers and editors to create finished video productions. He also manages all location and studio videotaping, audio recording and processing, video editing, and the compositing of special video effects on a variety of media platforms. Jon is also owner of Maui based video company- Digital Audio Vision.

Maui Film Festival coverage day #1

Malika Dudley takes a first look at the Maui Film Festival. For the film and event schedule click here. Credit: Jon Vilora, MAUIWatch Field Production Manager Digital Audio Vision

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25 Years Later: Lahaina Cinemas Stands Proud and Alone

“You’ve got your Multi-Plex, which is three movie theaters in one. Then you got your Quadra-plex, where you see one movie but hear five.” -Billy Crystal, The Oscars In the spring of 1989, news that Lahaina movie buffs could see “Twins,” “Working Girl” and “Beaches” in a movie theater wouldn’t normally appear to be a big deal. Except, the attraction …

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