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State unveils new strategy to prepare for missile attack

One after another. Hawaii residents voicing their concerns over the possible fall out from a potential missile attack on the state. “As the cold war died, as the iron curtain came down, the Soviet Union turned into Russia, the funding went out and these shelters were not maintained again,” Vern Miyagi, the HI EMA administrator said. Old concerns are new …

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Suspicious monk seal death investigated on Molokai

The federal government is investigating what it calls a suspicious monk seal death on Molokai. An administrator with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the seal died about a month ago. NOAA would not confirm where the seal died and it wouldn’t say why the case is considered suspicious. Neither NOAA nor the state Department of Land and Natural …

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4.2 magnitude earthquake recorded 22 miles off Kailua, Oahu

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded 22 miles off Kailua Friday evening. It happened around 8:40 p.m. Scientists at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center say there’s no tsunami threat to Hawaii. However, Kailua resident Micah Mynatt and many others on Windward Oahu felt the quake. “At the time, I was sitting on my couch and I felt the couch sort …

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Former Maui resident living in Florida brace for Hurricane Irma

It’s projected to be the worst storm to hit Florida, and some former Hawaii Residents are among the millions living in Hurricane Irma’s pathway. “It is the absolute low before the storm,” Randy Avon said. “If we have to evacuate we’re ready to do that.. Most of the people that are here that are in the evacuation zone now have …

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Kahului food trucks vandalized and robbed

Four food trucks were robbed and vandalized on Maui Sunday night at the Food Truck Marketplace in Kahului. Thieves broke into and stole from vehicles belonging to the Original Hawaiian Shrimp, Dino’s Gourmet Food, Thai Mee Up, and Mo Ono Hawaii. After one of the trucks alarms sounded, the thieves stole a nearby delivery vehicle to get away. “They stole …

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Family finds 3 gunned down goats on Kanaio property

A Maui family posted disturbing photos on social media of what they found on their property in Kanaio. The Vares ‘Ohana was shocked to find someone had trespassed on their 2.5 acre property, shot three wild goats and then abandoned their kill. “Very cruel, disgusting and disturbing. It seemed like a really sick person would do something like that,” Lisa …

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Hokule’a on its way to Maui

Hokule’a and her crew left O’ahu Wednesday to embark on a 6-month-long journey throughout Hawaii. The canoe will travel to each island in what’s being called its “Mahalo Hawaii Sail.” Master Navigator Nainoa Thompson says Hokule’a’s first stop is Honolua Bay on Maui. That’s where’s the first launched for her maiden voyage in 1976. It’s one of about 40 stops …

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Maui Bus Driver Forced to Leave Five Kids Behind Due to Shortage of Buses

Maui school bus driver Cheryl Kuanoni was forced to leave five children behind because of a shortage of buses. She posted on social media Thursday about the heartbreak of having to leave the young children behind, after filling her 72 seat capacity. Kuanoni even offered to remove her own kids from the bus. Parents say refusing keiki shouldn’t even have …

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Maui director launches movie nationwide

If there was an establishing scene for Destin Daniel Cretton’s childhood – it would be set in a town of roughly 4,000 people, in Haiku, Maui during the 1980’s. “My mom didn’t really let me or my five siblings watch a lot of TV. So we’d spend a lot of our times building forts. making martial art routines or putting …

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