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Polystyrene ban goes into effect for Maui County in 2019

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is all for using biodegradable containers. But have you ever put one of those on your lap? “Some of our customers complained that it’s hot that it kind of burns them,” says Bryan Andaya, chief operating officer and vice president L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. Watch what happens when Chief Operating Officer Bryan Andaya puts a beef stew plate …

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In latest airline video, Delta boots family from flight

A California family says they were forced off a Delta plane and threatened with jail after refusing to give up one of their children’s seats on a crowded flight. April 23, Brian and Brittany Schear, along with their two toddlers were leaving Maui to go home to California. Brian Schear said he originally bought a seat for his 18-year-old son, …

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Maui Brewing Company awarded as National Small Businesses Persons of the Year

The best in the country, a Hawaii couple awarded as National Small Businesses Persons of the Year. Years of hard work and dedication are paying off for Garrett Marrero, president and CEO of Maui Brewing Company. Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon honored him Monday with the National Small Business Person of the Year Award. “You work hard everyday to provide …

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Haleakala National Park cuts back on tour company contracts

Hawaii park officials have announced that starting in 2018 only four companies will be allowed to bring vehicle-based tours into Haleakala National Park. The Maui News reports the Tuesday announcement stated Haleakala EcoTours, Polynesian Adventure Tours, Skyline Eco Adventures and Valley Isle Excursions were awarded 10-year contracts to operate in the park. This year, there are 16 tour companies that …

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Lettuce and kale sales drop as response to rat lungworm disease grow

Lettuce and kale sales have dropped on Maui, a direct response to an unusually high number of rat lungworm cases recently. The “Maui News” reports one grocery store manager is saying everyone is really sensitive to where produce is coming from. It has prompted some stores to buy produce from neighbor islands and that could cripple Maui farmers. More on …

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FBI investigating Hawaiian Airlines scam that has roots in Canada

It was a deal that seemed too good to be true. And it was. Hawaii folks were scammed into giving away personal information to win what they thought were Hawaiian Airlines tickets. “This is one of the top scams in Hawaii. It’s called phishing.” says Gregory Dunn, President & CEO, Hawaii Better Business Bureau. Disguised as a Hawaiian Airlines “contest” …

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Big Island quake: What you need to know about potential tsunami threats

5:33am… and the earth moved just off the Big Island. At essentially the same time.. Computer screens lit up at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Scientists have critical decisions to make. Is it big enough to cause damage? Could it cause a tsunami? “They see this information available. They use their judgment and when the perimeters look good enough the …

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