Marcus Landsberg

Marcus Landsberg is a political & senior judicial analyst for MAUIWatch and President of the Landsberg Law Office. His successful criminal defense practice allows him to represent pro bono cases of interest in the community such as the Honolulu Food Trucks, and MAUIWatch.

2016 County Charter Voter’s Guide

Provided by the Landsberg Law Office On November 8th the Nation will elect its next President. Four years ago CNN called Hawaii for the democrats BEFORE THE POLLS OPENED – they did not do that for any other state. Whether you vote for Clinton or Trump or another candidate, where your votes truly count are at the bottom of the …

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(or, a love-letter to a childhood observatory) First and foremost, I think telescopes are awesome. More than telescopes, I love observatories. And I love planetariums. I have a child with whom, someday, I would love to share the wonders of the Universe. I’m exactly who the TMT is being built for. When I imagine giant telescopes, I can only think …

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GMO & You: A MAUIWATCH LEGAL GUIDE to the GMO Initiative

GMOs. Talk about a loaded issue. Maui is facing a historic vote on the Voter Initiative: Genetically Engineered Organisms. There’s been arguments for and questions about this initiative on all sides. Some are true, some are misleading, and some are patently false. While I have my own (strong) opinions on whether GMOs should be allowed in our biosphere or our …

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Price gouging and Hurricane Iselle

What’s going on right now with price gouging in the state of Hawaii is a crime. No really. It’s a crime. Price gouging is unconscionable in the face of natural disasters such as Hurricane Iselle. We all understand mark-ups and the capitalist system, but not everyone has a cellar where we can place pallets of bottled water. In a state …

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Can you get a DUI on a bicycle?

Can you get cited for Driving Under the Influence while on a bicycle? Absolutely not. If your bicycle has a motor, you are on a moped, and the answer is YES, you can get a DUI on a moped, on a bicycle? Absolutely not. It shocks me how many people think that you can get a DUI on a bicycle. …

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