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GRAFFITIWatch: Lahaina Anti-GMO Zealots?

As the morning sun rose over Lahaina town, residents were greeted with graffiti in various locations. The most prominent being on the side of the Lahaina Burger King with the letters GMO-symbol(Assuming the symbol means- Anarchy) sprayed on the windows. The message seems to be advocating in favor of the anti-gmo movement which is now a ballot initiative in the …

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SEPTEMBER11Watch and Remember

It is 13 years since that Sept. 11 morning when passenger planes roared out of the blue skies, flying bombs that shattered our sense of security. We will never forget when they said that they hate every American and anyone who lives in America. But it is sad that today people who live on this land are hating each other …

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The Quest for Chief results….

And the winner is…. Chief (we mean Captain) Tivoli Faaumu. He is currently commander of the Kihei Patrol District. He has 29 years with MPD and has served as head of Kihei patrol for three years. He has also served as a gambling investigator, narcotics investigator and sergeant in the Vice Division as a well as a detective in the …

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POLL: MPD’s Quest for the new CHIEF

CHIEFWatch: The Maui Police Commission today cut the list of candidates vying to be the new Chief of Police from 17 to 6 candidates. Of the dwindled down list, MAUIWatch presents our recommended slate of candidates of who we think will make the final cut. They are: Clayton Tom (current acting police chief, Maui Police Department) Victor Ramos (current assistant …

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Editorial: Your Vote Matters

Saturday August 9th is primary election day in Hawaii and the reason to vote cannot be overstated. One person one vote says a lot. Casting a vote puts every single one of our voices on equal footing and casting a ballot is the single most effective way to make your voice be heard. By not voting, you giveaway your voice …

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POLLWatch: Taser Edition

You seen it for yourself. Was the use of voltage justified to take down Bradddah Beau? Cast your vote below. [socialpoll id=”2212717″]

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